Carboniar® - CARBON FIBER

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Structural Reinforcement System

Carboniar® is a concrete structural reinforcement system applied mainly in the concrete repairs. It is a reinforcement system against bending and shearing stresses, and for wrapping, consisting of carbon fiber tapes and epoxy resins specifically blended for each type of use.


Carboniar® can be applied on historical brick, stone or wooden structures or on reinforced concrete buildings. It consents consolidation of damaged structures or prevention of seismic damage; it also consents improvement of ductility within a very short time, minimizing obstructions, so that the structure can often still be used with works in progress.


Carboniar® also consents the recovery of old buildings and upgrading against fatigue




Typical application of Carboniar®
  • On arches, vaults, walls, domes, columns, architraves, wooden beams, floorings and chimneys in historical building.
  • On beams, slabs and columns in buildings of reinforced concrete.
  • On all motorway, railway and marine structures.
Structural reclaiming of a reinforced concrete building bombed during the war.
Courtesy of I.A.R. Srl


Advantages offered by Carboniar®
  • Extremely reduced weight of the reinforcement (typically 1% of the structure's own weight).
  • 1 mm finished thickness.
  • Easy conformability to all surfaces, thanks to easy draping of carbon fiber tapes.
  • Excellent resistance in humid environments.
  • Long lasting components, resistant to chemicals and to corrosion.
  • Accurate quality control: each batch is covered by its Test Report.


I.A.R. Srl
I.A.R. Srl

Ingegneria ed Architettura del Restauro (Restoration Engineering and Architecture)


The I.A.R. S.r.l. company, registered in Rovigo (Italy), is active since 1972 in restoring monuments and preserving historic and artistic assets.


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